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Snowridge, 2548-2556 Snowridge Crescent, & 2544 Snowridge Circle, Whistler, B.C.

“The townhouses on Snowridge Crescent were not zoned for nightly rental, so this is more of a neighbourhood where you would meet the owners rather than nod at another guest passing through. There are numerous floor plans in Snowridge, so if you like the neighbourhood, you may just need to wait for the floor plan that suits you to come along. There is a great path which leads down the side of Whistler Mountain to the shops and services of Whistler Creekside. This is an excellent year-round vacation, which has improved in value since the Creekside Gondola started uploading mountain bikes in summer.” – Marion.

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About Snowridge

Location is key to the quiet neighbourhood of Snowridge, located at 2544 Snowridge Circle & 2548-56 Snowridge Crescent, Whistler. Most units have great mountain views and plenty of storage along with large, covered, west-facing decks. Due to the location of Snowridge Circle and Crescent, only some townhouses have true ski-in and ski-out access. Other townhouses are a little further from the slopes, but no more than walking across a parking lot at Base II. This is a quiet location close to the Dave Murray Downhill. There is easy access to Whistler Creekside by walking down the ski-slope.   This complex is so spread out that some units are more ski-in ski-out than others. Return to table of contents.

Active listings in Snowridge

Click the following link to view active listings in Snowridge (townhouses) posted by all Whistler brokerages.

Click the following link which will take you to the Whistler Listings System (WLS) so you can search for listings. In the “search by address” box on the lower left of the screen, type the street address, 2544 Snowridge Circle, and 2548 Snowridge Crescent, and WLS will pull up all the current listings in Snowridge, plus details of the property and the listing brokerage.

Please note, every Whistler realtor posts each listing on the WLS, but not every agent posts it on Multiple Listing Site (MLS).

The Real Estate Council of BC allows me and all other agents to show and sell all property regardless of which brokerage has them listed. However, the RECBC only allows agents to cross-market the listings of brokerages which have signed a Reciprocity Agreement.

All new listings and price changes which each listing agent posts on the WLS are re-posted on the Whistler Ski in Ski out Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages, along with the listing broker information. So, if you want to keep up to date on the ski-in ski-out listing activity in Whistler, checking those social media sites would be the way to do it. Click the icons to the left to connect. Return to table of contents.

Building details of Snowridge

Built in 1988, the property has 2-4 bedroom suites, 56 units but is not zoned for nightly rental. Some units have garages while others have open parking. Some units have exterior storage closets. There is such a variety of floor plans in the Snowridge townhouse complex. I am always amazed to walk in and see yet another different layout. Return to table of contents.

Building floor plans in Snowridge

There are so many different floor plans in Snowridge that everytime I go into a townhouse in the complex I am amazed that yet again…a different floor plan. Sorry, no directory available, and the plans were taken from the developer’s package. Return to table of contents.

Building site plan of Snowridge

snowridge towhouses siteplan and parking


This site plans doubles as a parking plan also. It shows the building number which can be crossed referenced against the strata plan on this page. Return to table of contents.

Google Map location of Snowridge townhouses

Location of Snowridge on Whistler Mountain and proximity of the Whistler Creekside Gondola:

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Map of Whistler Creekside

Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.
Map of Creekside Village, Whistler.

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Photo gallery of Snowridge townhomes

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Revenue and nightly rates in Snowridge

Neither Snowridge Circle townhouses nor Snowridge Crescent townhouses are zoned for nightly rental. Return to table of contents.

Sales in Snowridge (townhouses) since January 2014,

These postings are listed in chronological order, posted by all Whistler brokerages:

  • 3 bedroom/2 bathroom $980,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom $741,000.
  • 3 bedroom/3 bathroom $715,000.
  • 2 bedroom & loft/2 bathroom $775,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2 bathroom $772,500.
  • 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom $770,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2 bathroom $765,000.
  • 2 bedroom/2 bathroom $660,000.
  • 2.5 bedroom/3 bathroom $730,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2 bathroom $720,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom $590,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2 bathroom $614,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom $565,000.
  • 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom $600,000.

The Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) does not permit real estate agents to post all the details on real estate sales. If you want to view past sales, which you should do if you are thinking of buying any property, then contact me, Marion Anderson at (604) 938-3885. A useful public website to look at is This site is initially a little tricky to navigate, but it will give you the current year and last year’s assessed value of the property, and the sales over the past year.

When the terms and conditions have been removed on each transaction, but the property has not changed title, the sales information is posted on WLS by the listing agent.  I re-post this information on the Whistler Ski in Ski out social media pages of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. That is a good way for you to track Whistler ski-in ski-out sales activity. Click the social media icons on the left and it should lead you to my social media pages, and then follow or like as directed. Return to table of contents.

Ski-in ski-out access at Snowridge

There is a ski-in ski out access to/from Snowridge Circle at the end which is closest to the Dave Murray Downhill, at building 10, units 25-30 (see site plan on this page). If your townhouse is on Snowridge Crescent, then your ski-in ski-out access is probably best via the access at the end of Snowridge Crescent walking past the multi-million dollar homes. This enclave of houses has a bridge which you walk over and you are on the slopes! This route is also a great way for owners in any part of Snowridge to access the village at Creekside at other times of the year. There is a path which leads down, past the Legends and then you are minutes from the grocery store, liquor store, and other shops, restaurants and bars. Return to table of contents.

Strata fees at Snowridge

  • The strata fees are for snow removal, garbage removal, landscaping and road repair and maintenance.
  • The strata fees for this complex are kept low because there are no amenities or underground parking. Return to table of contents.

Strata minutes of Snowridge

  • Windows were replaced throughout the Snowridge strata in June 2017
  • Pets are allowed

This seems to me like a well-run strata. I came to the conclusion after reading the minutes, that when the owners in Snowridge alerted the strata council of any concerns, they were immediately addressed.  For example, when the snow falls off the roof and builds up around the side of the building. If the owner alerts the strata that the snow is now covering up the window, then the strata organizes for workers to remove the snow.  I also got the impression, that if the owner didn’t tell the strata, then with a complex this size, the job may go unattended.It seemed to me that with this size of strata, all the owners need to do their due-diligence…which seems fair.

Real Estate Agents are not permitted to post the strata minutes on this site, as they are not deemed public information. The listing agent is not obliged to order the strata minutes until there is an accepted offer. I like my clients to read the strata minutes before writing an offer so that we know of any assessments coming down, and so that if there is a Depreciation Report, my clients have a good understanding of future repairs. Return to table of contents.

Strata parking at Snowridge

snowridge towhouses siteplan and parking

There should be no confusion regarding the parking at Snowridge, the unit numbers are clearly painted on the tarmac outside each building. This Snowridge parking plan shows how close each parking spot is to the actual townhouse.Return to table of contents.

Strata plan of Snowridge

Snowridge was built in two phases, so there are two registered strata plans.  Cross reference this with the Building site plan above (see table of contents).  Strata Plan VR 2055  Phase I Strata Lots 1-25Strata Plan VR2055 Phase II Strata Lots 26-56. Return to table of contents.

Transit bus service to and from Snowridge

Check out the site to see the bus service close-by on Eva Lake Road, or down by Legends which will take you to/from Whistler Village. It is route 1 and 2 on the link.  There is not a bus which will take you up into Snowridge, but you really don’t need one as you can walk to the bus stop, or take a taxi. Return to table of contents.


Questions about buying or selling in Snowridge

If you are thinking or buying or selling in Snowridge, 2544 Snowridge Circle or 2548-56 Snowridge Crescent,  I am here to help you…that is why I created this web-site. Please contact me. I appreciate your feedback. Return to table of contents.


Marion Anderson
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