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 This page will give you a quick overview of the townhouse complexes which are in a ski-in ski-out location.  For detail on each townhouse complex, please click on the dropdown box in the detailed view. 

Table of Contents
  1. Investment and Revenue Real Estate
  2. Whistler Village:  Snowy Creek,  Telemark
  3. Benchlands:Arrowhead Point Cedar HollowCedar RidgeMountain Star, Painted Cliff, Pinnacle Ridge, Stone Ridge.
  4. Taluswood, Nordic:  HeightsLookout, Ridge,
  5. Whistler Creekside:  Snowridge
Investment and Revenue Real Estate

Every property on this site could be considered as an investment and a revenue property. The following chart will show you a summary of revenue from ski in ski out property in Whistler. Please note, this information is only as good as what is posted by the listing agent, which is only as good as what is provided by the rental management company.  If you would like further information, or have questions, please contact me directly.


The majority of the following properties are true ski-in ski-out locations within Whistler. There are a few properties which are so close to the slopes that some realtors would label them ski-in ski-out, as they are a very easy, short walk to the slopes. Each property below is also zoned for nightly rental, but rental is not compulsory.  If you have no idea how to start looking for a ski-in ski-out property, or if you would like a list of walk to the slope-side properties, then just email me at or call me at 604 938 3885. I am here to help you. Return to table of contents

1) Whistler Village

SNOWY CREEK, 4501 Blackcomb Way, Whistler Village

snowy_creek_addressSnowy Creek: Perfect ski-in ski- out location as these townhouses are nestled between the base of both mountains and they have the enviable location of also being within easy (flat) walking distance to the Village…literally minutes away.  The townhouses (duplex) are spacious, generous sized units with open concept floor plan, plus a single car garage, and private mini backyard. Most have been renovated with high-end finishings and private hot tubs. Built in 1988, the property has 3-6 bedroom suites, 30 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“This complex really does have the ultimate location simply because of the ease of enjoying everything Whistler Village has to offer. It is closer to the Village than the Benchlands, but because it is not actually in the Village, it is not classified as a Village property. In Spring, Blackcomb Mountain great-groomers do what they can to keep the ski-in and ski-out functional by re-arranging the snow to accommodate skiers and boarders. However, Mountain Square, home of the Whistler Village Gondola and the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola, is just minutes away and a short walk back to Snowy Creek would be very easy.  Another advantage is that although you would ski home from Blackcomb Mountain, if you wanted to ski Whistler mountain, you could ski in to the Village and then walk home from there. Good luck getting past the lure of the Dubh Linn Gate Pub!” – Marion.

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TELEMARK, 4100 Whistler Way, Whistler Village

Telemark_addressTelemark: This complex is a hidden gem, located just above the Westin hotel. With immediate access to the Village shops and restaurants and the much sought after ski-in/ski-out designation, you can enjoy one of Whistler’s original townhouse developments. Built in 1980, the property has 3-4.5 bedroom suites, 26 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“Hidden gem is right, few people know these townhouses exist, and yet they are in one of the best locations.  Don’t be put off by the exterior, and the garage not being attached to the unit.  These can be quite compact inside, but are well thought out, and again, the location is fabulous so worthwhile considering.” – Marion.

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ARROWHEAD POINT, 4890 Painted Cliff Road, Benchlands

arrowhead_addressArrowhead Point: Mountainside townhomes located less than 50 metres from the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain with ski-in access, see my comments below. Each townhouse is tastefully decorated and features a living room with a cozy river rock gas fireplace and underground parking.  Most units have a private outdoor hot tub.  Built in 1992, the property has 2-3 bedroom suites, 22 units and is zoned for nightly rental. 

“Arrowhead Point is across the road from the Painted Cliff complex, which is touted as one of the best ski-in ski-out locations in Whistler.  I have included Arrowhead Point in the ski-in ski-out group as it is so close, it has to be included.  Also, it usually sells a little less per sq ft because you have to cross the road…which is a quiet road in order to ski-out to the lifts.  However, there is a really good ski-in which is opposite #10 Arrowhead, which is at the north end of the complex.  The layout of the complex is very neatly organized and should be on your list for comparison sake, if nothing else.” – Marion.

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CEDAR HOLLOW, 4701 Glacier Drive, Benchlands.

cedar_Hollow_addressCedar Hollow: Situated on Blackcomb Mountain, where both mountains are within easy reach once you take the ski-out down to Whistler Village. From there you have the choice of the Whistler Village Gondola, the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola or the Fitzsimmons Quad Chairlift. Cedar Hollow featuring gorgeous townhomes. These mountainside homes feature open-concept kitchens and great sundecks. Built in 1987, the property has 2-4 bedroom suites, 16 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

‘This location has two developments: Cedar Hollow and Cedar Ridge. Both are different so they are equally worth looking at when considering a ski-in ski-out townhouse in Whistler. Cedar Hollow is further away from the ski-run than Cedar Ridge. There is also a great bus service for this development. Great location because you have the choice of both mountain gondolas within very easy access, and you also have a reliable bus service to get to Whistler Village…or walk down the ski-run after the ski-season is over.” – Marion.

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CEDAR RIDGE, 4705 Glacier Drive, Benchlands.

cedar_ridge_addressCedar Ridge: The townhomes of Cedar Ridge allow an unmatched ski-in and ski-out access to Whistler Village and the choice of taking the Whistler Mountain Gondola, the Blackcomb Mountain Gondola or the Fitzsimmons Express Quad chairlift. Most of the townhomes have great views of Sproat and Rainbow Mountains to the west, while enjoying the afternoon sun. Features include vaulted ceilings, wood burning fireplaces and some units have private hot tubs. Built in 1988, the property has 3-4 bedroom suites, 27 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“How convenient the ski-in ski-out trails are depend on which unit you end up buying.  That said, the complex was built with ski-in an ski-out in mind. Cedar Ridge has a waiting list ready to buy in this development.  There is also a strata plan in place allowing expansion of these units…hence the line-up to purchase!”- Marion.

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MOUNTAIN STAR, 4894 Painted Cliff Road, Benchlands

mountain_star_address_001Mountain Star. Located on Blackcomb Mountain and situated just above the trees at the top of Painted Cliff Road, some of these townhouses have spectacular views of the mountains. Each unit has its own hot tub, usually outside. Like most of the townhouses in the Benchlands, the complex has underground parking which also provides bike storage. Some of these downhill units have a storage room on the lower level, which is sometimes advertised as a bedroom…make sure you pay for it is a storage room. Built in 1998, the property has 2-3.5 bedroom suites, 28 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“These townhouses are a very, very short walk from access to the ski-in ski-out trail located beside Painted Cliff, and as such, I have to include them in this site. You could easily send your young teenagers off towards the ski-in ski-out access knowing that you will see them return at the end of the day. These townhouses are well worth looking at. This area is served by a regular, free bus shuttle that runs from this complex to and from Whistler Village…again, great for teens.” – Marion.

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PAINTED CLIFF, 4891 Painted Cliff Road, Benchlands

painted_cliff_addressPainted Cliff: This is a prime ski-in ski-out property which is located high up on Blackcomb Mountain’s Cruiser run which leads down to the Wizard Express Gondola. Some of the units have views and understandably the closer to slope the more expensive the unit. The units are not overly large but the ski in ski out convenience makes up for that. Communal hot tub, and underground parking plus a  bus stop at the end of the Painted Cliff Road, make this a must see when looking for a ski in ski out Whistler property. Built in 1993, the property has 1-3.5 bedroom suites, 52 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“This is a stellar complex especially since it has smaller 1 and 2 bedroom suites.There is a great village bus service that travels up Painted Cliff Road to the very end, which is where this complex is located, which is what you would probably use the most, either that or car of taxi.  It is too far to walk.  It is a quiet area of the Benchlands as it is away from the noise and action of the Village, and there is no traffic noise either.” – Marion.

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PINNACLE RIDGE, 4700 Glacier Drive, Benchlands

pinnacle_ridge_address_001Pinnacle Ridge: The ultimate ski-in ski-out location is offered by these prestigious, high-end townhomes on Blackcomb Mountain. Most of these townhouses have fireplaces, private hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and spacious living rooms with vaulted ceilings. When you take the Magic Chair from the base of Blackcomb up to Base II you will pass Pinnacle Ridge on the right hand side. These are the townhouses that everyone wants to stay in. They are in a private location, with super easy access to the slopes. Built in 1988, the property has 3-5.5 bedroom suites, 44 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“Talk about a great ski-in ski-out location!  The early developers in Whistler chose the best location for Pinnacle Ridge.  However, they are expensive usually starting at over $2m.  Most have been renovated from the original by now, so each townhouse has something different to offer.  To get to the village from Pinnacle Ridge you can take the bus, and there is a convenient bus stop at the entrance to Pinnacle Ridge, or take a taxi…probably cost you no more than $10, or you will need a car.  Glacier Drive does not have a sidewalk and is too busy in winter to walk on…I wouldn’t risk it too often and certainly never with children.”-Marion.

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STONE RIDGE, 4822 Spearhead Drive, Benchlands, Whistler, BC

stone_ridge_addressStone Ridge: Located on the corner or Painted Cliff Road and Spearhead Drive. There is a ski-in and ski-out trail that links this complex to the Wizard run on Blackcomb Mountain. This run ends at the Wizard Express Quad Chairlift…which also uploads mountain bikers and bikes in the summer months. Each townhouse has a carport and usually an outside deck, some with their own private hot tubs.  Built in 1988, the property has 1.5 – 3.5 bedroom townhouses, 32 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“The strata fee on these townhouses is very low in comparison to other townhouses in the Benchlands. The low fee, coupled with a carport for each unit, and the ability to have a private hot tub on your deck, makes Stone Ridge a great option.” – Marion.

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3. TALUSWOOD, Nordic

This is the same information for Heights, Lookout and Ridge, because they are so close together. Depending on where you live in Taluswood, will determine how close you are to the ski in and ski out trails. The is a very quiet, almost remote location. There is no bus service to Taluswood, so you will be depending on your car, or taxi, and it is too high up to walk down the mountain or down Nordic Drive.  When it comes to views, you might get a beautiful vista to the south, but you may also find yourself surrounded with fir trees and no view. There are a lot of positives about the Taluswood location. It is ideal if you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the Village and people in general. If you want to be in a relaxing, environment where you cannot hear the traffic, and you want an upscale townhouse, then one of these would be a great choice.

HEIGHTS, 2324 Taluswood Place, Nordic, Whistler, BC

heights_addressHeights at Taluswood: You either love Taluswood or find it too remote. However, these luxury townhouses should always be considered. This is a secluded enclave of townhouses in a very quiet setting up at the top of Nordic Drive. Large, spacious properties each with a private double garage, a private hot tub and large decks to enjoy the panoramic views, or private treed setting. This is a true ski-in ski-out location. Built in 2000, the property has 3-5 bedroom suites, 26 units and is zoned for nightly rental. There are two houses in the Heights, and the rest are duplex buildings.

“Only the Heights, the Lookout and the Ridge offer ski-in ski-out access. There are two other Taluswood developments – Taluswood and the Bluffs – you have to cross Nordic Drive to get to the Dave Murray Downhill. The other developments have lots of merit but are not ski-in ski-out…and certainly cannot compare to the Heights.” – Marion.

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LOOKOUT, 2500 Taluswood Place, Nordic, Whistler, BC

lookout_addressLookout at Taluswood: A small enclave with a row of 5 buildings each with 2 townhouses…which are really duplexes. The Lookout is set high-up in the alpine landscape with a true ski-in ski-out location. Because this is a row of properties, each should have a good view, but some are better than others. Vaulted ceilings in living room and high-end finishings, and having only one neighbour through the wall make these townhouses very attractive to those looking for something extra special.  Each townhouse has a double car garage, and private hot tub. Built in 2002, the property has 3 or 4 bedroom floor plan, 10 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“The Lookout was the last Taluswood development to be built, and many people feel that it is the best of the three (Heights, Ridge and Lookout).  Like the Heights, the townhouses have a high-end finish. The duplex style also appeals to many people and the row of duplexes gives the sense of low-density, which with 5 buildings is accurate.” -Marion

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RIDGE, 2269 Nordic Drive, Nordic, Whistler, BC

ridge_addressRidge at Taluswood: These townhomes are the “…benchmarks of contemporary mountain architecture”. They stand on a commanding prow of land affording panoramic views of the Tantalus range.  Each townhouse has a single car or double car garage, so that is unique criteria. There are several different layouts and floor plans and the rooms are typically a good size. There is a private hot tub in each unit. Adjacent to the ski trail each home has access to the ski in and ski out. Built in 1997, the property has 2-4 bedroom suites, 26 units and is zoned for nightly rental.

“The Ridge has the best ski-in ski-out access of all of the Taluswood properties…it is an easy, short access and is directly opposite #20. I have watched all ages and level of skier/boarder use this access…and everyone managed it without effort.” -Marion

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4. Whistler Creekside

SNOWRIDGE, 2548 Snowridge Crescent, Whistler Creekside

snowridge_townhouse_addressSnowridge: Location is key to this quiet neighbourhood. Most units have great mountain views and plenty of storage along with large, covered, west-facing decks.  Some units have garages while most have open parking.  Built in 1988, the property has 2-4 bedroom suites, 56 units. The complex is not zoned for nightly rental, therefore it is a residential zoning. you can still rent out the property but on a month to month basis. These townhouses are a great alternative to the Benchlands and tend to be less expensive.

“Due to the location of Snowridge Circle and Crescent, only some townhouses have true ski-in and ski-out access, and others are walk to the slopes. This is a quiet location close to the Dave Murray downhill.  There is easy access to Whistler Creekside by walking down the ski-slope.  There is bus service close-by on Eva Lake Road, but not up into Snowridge.  This complex is so spread out that some units are more ski-in ski-out than others.” – Marion.

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