Ski-in Ski-out Houses

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Welcome. This page shows the locations of ski-in ski-out luxury chalets in Whistler. For a detailed look at the chalet listings, leave this page and you will see the drop-down box on the menu.

Location of Luxury Ski-in Ski-out Homes

Table of Contents
  1. KADENWOOD, Creekside on Whistler Mountain;
  2. SNOWRIDGE CRESCENT, Creekside on Whistler Mountain;
  3. NORDIC DRIVE, Luxury homes at various locations on Whistler Mountain;
  4. TALUSWOOD, Houses in the Ridge and the Heights on Whistler Mountain;
  5. SUMMIT LANE, Benchlands on Blackcomb Mountain.
1. Kadenwood, Creekside on Whistler Mountain.

This development has large lots allocated for 60 houses, and of those that have been built, they are all multi-million dollar, bespoke homes.  Kadenwood is located further up  Whistler mountain and on the south side of the Dave Murray Downhill and Peak to Creek ski runs.  There is an alpine mountain road which takes you up to Kadenwood, through Bayshores, and although the road gives the impression of being far away from civilization, you are, in essence not even a ten minute drive from Whistler Village. Return to table of contents.

2. Snowridge Crescent, Creekside on Whistler Mountain.

This is one of the older neighbourhoods in Whistler.  There are only 22 houses in this high-end enclave, and every house is basically ski-in ski-out on Whistler Mountain. Some of the houses are closer to the entrance to the Dave Murray Downhill than others.  There is no doubt that if you are looking for a ski-in ski -out house, in a convenient location, then this neighbourhood must be top of your list.

When Snowridge Crescent was formed there were not nearly the restrictions that were put on later developments.  This means that there is a lovely variety of houses, some renovated, some relatively new, some in original condition.  It is a very quiet neighbourhood and it has a path close-by leading to Creekside. This means you can easily walk down the side of the mountain to Whistler Creekside, and take advantage of the restaurants, bars, shops and grocery store.  The Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler Ski School, and ski shops are also in this area. Return to table of contents.

 3.Nordic Drive on Whistler Mountain

There are a few select properties at the top of Nordic Drive which are pretty much a ski-in ski-out property. Like everything else, some are more ski-in ski-out than others.  However, the houses at the top of Nordic Drive are listed above $8million, so they have an awful lot going for them. A short walk across Nordic Drive should not be a concern…it is typically a very quiet road. Some of these houses are on free-hold lots, or on bare-land strata.

There is a property in Fairmont’s At Natures Door where the owner has all 10 titles, so in essence it is a single family home with access to every service Fairmont has to offer. Return to table of contents.

4.Taluswood, Nordic, on Whistler Mountain

Taluswood was built predominately for townhouses.  However, there two houses in the Heights and one house in the Ridge which were constructed in this terrific ski-in ski-out location, at the top of Nordic Drive.  The address for the Heights is Taluswood Place and for the Ridge, it is Nordic Drive.

Built in a quiet, almost remote Alpine setting accessible by car with great ski-in ski-out trails.  The views south to the Tantalus mountains can be spectacular.  Taluswood was a very popular location for the Olympic Ski teams due to the easy accessibility to the slopes, and the distance from the Village! Return to table of contents.

5.Summit Lane, Benchlands on Blackcomb Mountain

Talk about an enviable location for a ski-in ski-out house…you have probably seen them as you ride up the Wizard chair on Blackcomb, they are on the right hand side just before you come into Base II.  It is very rare that these properties are for sale, and when they are, they are listed around $7m.

There are currently no house listings Summit Lane/Place.  The last time there was a house for sale in this area was in 2007…but that house was listed for over a year, so I think its important to keep this section so you know where all the true luxury ski homes are located. Return to table of contents.

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